Back to School Safety Awareness Tips

Back to School Safety AwarenessBack to School Safety Tips and Safety Awareness are always good to review when the new school year starts. Home Security, Personal Safety and Crime Prevention are all important topics every family should cover when sitting around the dinner table-re-hashing the goings on of the day. What is significant about the start of school is that many parents (mom’s) go back to work or take part-time jobs, thus leaving the home unattended and kid’s coming home to an empty house. Monitored Home Security systems-like ADT- really give peace of mind and offer tools that keep your family safe. Your child can come home, open the door with a remote button on a key chain which turns off the alarm, and also notifies you that your child is home. With today’s technology-you can actually watch on your laptop or cell phone, your child come into the house safely, set their backpack down and get a snack! Remind them to re-set the alarm so they are safe inside as they do their homework, chores, and start dinner all before you get home from work…(YEAH-RIGHT!!!) OK-Back to reality…Seriously, Burglars are aware that this time of year is a bit chaotic for families, and doors are left open and houses are left vacant-Take the time to make sure your house is locked and alarm is set…and for me…getting that Chore Board/Activities Schedule organized and up on the refrigerator is KEY!!! Happy Fall! The Safety Chick