Music: A Positive Force For Healing…

Music can be a very powerful tool in life…it can be used for motivation, healing, and inspiration. Earth Wind and Fire has been my favorite band my entire life. I have seen them in concert countless times, and each time it amazes me how Verdeen White, Ralph Johnson, and Philip Bailey still have the energy and motivation to get out there night after night and put on an incredible show.

While the founder, Verdeen’s brother, Maurice sadly passed away this last year, his spirit and memory live on in the incredible and timeless music he helped create. The new members that have joined them over the years (Drummer, John Paris being one) have helped sustain their one of a kind sound and instrumental genius. I look forward to hearing them play for years to come. BaDeeYa! 😉

It is important to find that musical motivation/inspiration-whether it’s Bon Jovi or The Boston Pops…everyone needs their own groove! What’s yours?….