New Year’s Resolutions…Make ONE that can Save your life!

Empower yourself in 2014!Quit smoking, join a gym, lose weight, eat healthier, etc etc. Every January thousands and thousands of people start the new year with hope and motivation to better their lives in some way. While all of these goals are great, consider taking steps to empower yourself from the inside out.

Why not consider giving yourself the gift of Safety in the New Year? Caring about your personal safety translates into every aspect of your life. Learning to live with Strength, Courage and Common Sense helps you be a better parent, a more productive coworker, a stronger friend.

I have travelled all over the country speaking to women about Personal Safety, and when I ask what they are afraid of, there seems to be a common theme: “I hate when my husband is out of town, I am so afraid of staying home alone”, “I am so afraid my child is going to be abducted by a stranger”, “I don’t like to go out in big cities, I worry I will get mugged, or raped”, OR the women who live in denial: “Crime will never happen to me”, “I don’t need to lock my doors, I live in a safe neighborhood”, etc.

Living in fear is weak and debilitating, it holds you back, keeps you from expanding and growing into the best positive and productive person you can be. It prevents you from experience all the wonderful adventures life has to offer. Living in denial is just as bad, remember, crime knows no boundaries, and no demographic, just easy targets, especially those who do not take proper precautions.

As the new year kicks off, I want to challenge you to take the steps necessary to become a more safe and empowered person. Ask yourself, “What is my biggest Personal Safety Fear?” Then, in the next 30 days, I want you to DO something about it. Whether it’s installing an alarm system, so you can feel safe when your husband is out of town, or taking a self defense class, possibly with your children, so you all know how to protect yourselves. Why not purchase Pepper Spray or my Safety Chick Kit and use the products that can help keep you safe?

Knowledge is power, read up on the crimes you are afraid of and how you can best protect yourself. Go to the Department of Justice website and see what the current trends are, go to the National Center for Victims of Crime and learn what criminals look for when targeting victims. The more information you have, the less you have to be scared of. Empower yourself with the tips and tools to protect yourself and enjoy a Positive and Productive New Year!

The Safety Chick