Your Path is Your Path…

Today is the launch of #TheFierce50, a movement dedicated to women 50 and over who are thriving, creating and celebrating where they are in life. Well, I have embraced the big 5-0 and was selected along with a fierce group of women including Lee Woodruff, Kathy Kahler and Denise Austin to be among #TheFierce50. We each were charged with meeting a fellow #Fierce50 blogger and writing about her. I was honored to be paired up with Laura Munson , a New York Times best selling author, mother, and one cool writing chick. Click here to read more about The Fierce50 Movement

Your path is your path; you always end up where you are supposed to be. That is a philosophy I have grown to know and love. It might sound cliché, but as someone who’s path has been extremely rocky I can say, it’s true. If you had told me back in my 20’s that as an aspiring actress and sports commentator, my life would become that of a made for TV Movie, I would not have believed you. Yet, after being stalked for 8+ years and ultimately kidnapped at gunpoint, I can tell you, it’s true. If you would have told me that I would give up my Sports Casting Career to become a Personal Safety Expert and name herself The Safety Chick, I would have told you, you were out of your mind…yet, 20 plus years later, here I am.

The thing that amazes me as I have navigated through my 50 plus years on this earth is exactly that, my path has been my path. BUT, it is what I have chosen to make of my path that has been the difference. Enter Laura Munson, who up until a few days ago, I had known virtually from her twitter feeds or blog posts. I saw her as someone who had struggled through a life changing experience and had a wonderful way of expressing it through pen and paper. What I did not realize until she and I spoke for the first time on the phone (for three hours) is that we were a type of kindred spirit. You see, what I realized after hearing her story and also living mine is that we share the same thread…without pain you cannot find your passion. Laura’s was able to eloquently communicate her painful marital crisis into a genuine, relatable and sometime funny account of what it is to live in the present moment with a commitment to emotional non-suffering. Her New York Times best-selling memoir, “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is,” preceded by the short version, which is the #2 ranked Modern Love essay in the history of the column, “Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear,” resonated with millions of readers and launched her career! Her path has ultimately led to her true passion, outside of writing, the Haven Writing Retreat , where her mission is to “hold people in a safe, nurturing, and inspiring way as they move into the wilderness of their unique voice, and give themselves permission to say what they want to say.”

Laura has turned what could have been a debilitating experience of eventual divorce, filled with sadness, grief, and fear of the unknown, into a channel of fortitude, prosperity and light. Just as I had no idea where my path would lead as I sat in front of the California State Senate testifying to pass our nation’s first anti stalking laws, Laura had no idea how her life would change from submitting that simple essay on Love to the New York Times. Yet, here we both are, at 50 laughing and celebrating our struggles along our rocky paths. Who would have guessed a Safety Chick and a Writing Chick would have so much in common?….#TheFierce50